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Mental Math Curriculum

OKOOL teaching methodology is based on mental math
using the abacus. Initially, we train the children in math
with the use of an abacus and the training advances to
help the child perform calculations in his mind without
the abacus.




Magic Hands

Magic Hands is a
program designed to
activate both
hemispheres of a child’s
brain by using left hand





Our business programs are
designed to introduce and
build a foundation of
Ethical & Strategic
Management pillars in our

more than 40,000 students 
1.   Why mental math?
It has been proven that there is a direct relation between numbers and brain development.
2.  What is Okool Mental Math?
Okool Mental Math is a technique that has been widely accepted and used in various countries to improve whole brain development.
3.   What is whole brain development?
The majority of people in the world use only the left side of the brain for all their everyday activities. Even our regular school curriculum uses more of left side of the brain. The right side remains unutilized, hence it is under developed.

The OKOOL Mental Math program helps develop the right hemisphere of the brain and hence aids in overall brain development.
4.  What is an ABACUS?
The abacus is a tool invented by the Sumerians improved as a mathematical tool by Greek scholar Tetramachus, and used in China for more than 900 years as a mathematical tool to aid in math calculations.
5.  How does the abacus help in whole brain development?
The use of abacus in the OKOOL Mental Math program helps a child visualize and conceptualize, which is the main work of the right hemisphere of the brain. Starting with the abacus as an initial tool to perform math calculation, the child gradually moves on to visualize the abacus in his/her mind and perform math calculation at stunning speed and accuracy. Thus, the right side of the brain is also equally utilized and this results in total brain development.
6.  What is OKOOL's method of teaching mental math?
OKOOL teaching methodology is based on mental math using the abacus. Initially, we train the children in math with the use of an abacus and the training advances to help the child perform calculations in his mind without the abacus.

This training will enhance a child's ability to visualize, focus and calculate without the aid of calculator, abacus, or pen and paper. The child will be able to calculate with speed and accuracy using his own focusing power and can even surpass the speed of a calculator. The finely structured syllabus prepared by OKOOL curriculum development department, helps the children to learn mind math quickly and effortlessly.
7.  How does the program improve the child's attention span and concentration?
Take the following set of numbers:

23+31+86+56+67-11+27+90+48+82-77 = ?

462756 * 7 = ?

2958/87 = ?

When you try to solve these problems in your mind, you may get to the answer eventually, but how much of effort and concentration was required?

When you give the same to a 7 or 8 year old child who has undergone the OKOOL mental math program, the answer is out in seconds without the aid of any tool to calculate.

The primary reason for this is the technique learnt and more importantly, improved concentration and visualization.
8.  What is the advantage of visualization?
When children are able to visualize, they comprehend the subject better. When a child is posed a problem, visualization happens naturally due to the continuous practice under the OKOOL Mental Math program and the child is able to solve the problem efficiently. Visualization and imagination helps the child to comprehend, enjoy and appreciate reading.
9.  Does learning mental math help my child do better at school?
The OKOOL Mental Math program is based upon the method of visualization and conceptualization. This simply translates to enabling the child to visualize the problems and tasks in the form of pictures. This leads to better understanding and improves the memory and focusing skills of a child significantly. This has an overall effect on his performance at academics.
10.  My child is an A+ student in Math at school. Will he/she still need this program?
      If so, how does it help?
This program could well be an added bonus to an A+ student!! The right side brain development that the program aims to develop will significantly improve your child's overall performance at school.
11.  What is the duration of the entire program?
The entire program consists of 8 levels. The time taken to complete each level is 3 months. It takes 4 Academic years to complete all the 8 levels. It is very important that the child completes at least two full years, that is, 4 levels to benefit from the program.
12.  How much effort does my child needs to put in?
Other than OKOOL classroom session, the child needs 10-15 minutes of OKOOL Mental Math exercises for 4 days a week.
13.  Does my child get worksheets every week?
No. we provide books to the children when they join the program; one class workbook and one home exercises workbook, They have to come to the class every week to learn the OKOOL Mental Math concept, and then apply what they have learnt in class through the home exercises.
14.  What is the right age to start this program?
The minimum age is 6 and the maximum age is 16 for learning the OKOOL Mental Math concept. We do have a maximum age limit, as the brain development is significant from birth until 16 years.
15.  Why OKOOL?
The advantage of learning mental math through OKOOL is its unique teacher-centric approach. Herein, the teacher teaches the concept to the child every week through the three methods of visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

The learning happens in a fun filled environment and the child never feels the burden of learning a new concept every week. On a lighter note, every weekly session is a brain gymnasium class for the young and growing minds.
16.  How is the Okool teacher-centric approach different?
Okool Mental Math relies on structured intensive classroom program, If a child misses a class, separate session can be organized to make up the work missed.
17.  Who can benefit from the program?
This program is suited for all children with different IQ levels. A less than average and an average performer can benefit from this program through the unique teaching methodology that OKOOL follows involving visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses. This type of teaching helps improve the child's concentration gradually and helps him better his performance and help overcome his fear on any subject. For an above average performer, the right side brain development will have a remarkable impact on his achievements at school.


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